Our company, begun production in Konya, in 1980 has reached to 1.000 pairs of first class shoes in a day within its 3.000 m2 of indoor space as of 1996. Zirve A.Ş. with an extensive domestic and international product sales network has a very rich portfolio with respect to diversity of shoes.

It is a company with a design department which designs useful, esthetic and durable shoes as a result of intensive research and development activities, which presents its high-quality products and services and achieves to get maximum customer satisfaction and confidence.

The way of life Zirve A.Ş. considering its honor and self-respect more important than everything constitutes its principles of business ethics and the foundations of its business life.

We have begun producing first class shoes in Konya, in 1980.
As of 1996, we have continued producing 1000 and 2000 pairs of shoes in a day within our 3.000 m2 indoor space.
We have begun exporting our domestically and internationally extensive sales network to four corners of the world.
We have directed our high-quality, useful and esthetic designs as a result of intensive research and development activities of our design department.
This high-level production along with our approach for the highest level of quality is in every activity we perform, every product we produce and every service we provide.